Career Kitties

About Career Kitties

About Career Kitties

The first thing you should know is Career Kitties is the result of a failure to communicate.

My wife Penny has been running a home business for approximately eight years. It began by offering scrunchies. Customers made special requests and there came to be five sizes and 260 fabrics of scrunchies. Then customers requested headbands, embroidered headbands, and other embroidered items and so it went. Eventually it became too large for Penny to handle on her own, while still holding down a full time job.

So one day I was “helping” as men my age do with domestic and other projects. Penny sent me an email subject ”Can we sell these?” with an image of a stuffed cat. The creator had written a treatment with comments like ‘the cat plays with our mouse and lies on her keyboard.‘ Thinking this was a line of stuffed animals I wrote the story of Elizabeth and created the universe in which cats were emancipated and in the work force, Career Kitties. There are now 50 characters awaiting development. It turned out my wife just wanted to make keyboard rests but I did not understand that. Career Kitties may have remained just a cute idea except there came a change in our lives. Penny was diagnosed first with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and then a more ill-defined auto immune disease. The result was that Penny became fatigued and could no longer do the meticulous work demanded of her as a senior cost accountant. Neither my business nor Penny’s Boutique as it was could support us.

So we - Jen (our daughter), Pen and I - borrowed all we could on credit cards and launched this business. We have a shop on Cherokee Street in St. Louis. Penny designs our products and monitors quality control. I write the stories, maintain social media, and cut out fabrics. Our employees Raphaela and Tyrus do most of the sewing. Raphaela does not speak English so she does not say much but her laughter raises our spirits. (Maybe she is ridiculing us but luckily we don’t know) Tyrus has become like a son to us, he complains that we are fattening him up but generally he loves Mom and Bossman.

It is not the life we chose but it may be the best life we have ever had. We wake together, eat together, and work together. Some people may think that is a little too much togetherness but after thirty years of marriage I can honestly say this is the happiness we have ever been.

I hope you enjoy our silly stories. I hope you enjoy our plush characters, and I hope they give joy to you and yours.