Career Kitties

From the Author

From the Author

Back story of Career Kitties

Is the story of Career Kitties true? Well, maybe. Perhaps this is in our future or perhaps it is in a parallel universe. Or perhaps it is just a silly story. Regardless, this is how it came about.

On April 3, 2010 the iPad was released. It was the first time cats were able to interact with a computer. You may have seen the videos of cats playing with iPads. Well Jim Johnson had a cat, Max, and he let Max play with the Ipad. Mr. Johnson was very surprised at the result.

Max was an exceptional cat and Mr. Johnson had voice recognition software which was a very fortuitous combination. For years Max had listened to Jim dictate to his computer. Max observed the words and the corresponding images on the screen. In this way Max learned to read. So when he was allowed to ‘play’ with the iPad Max wrote, “What a relief we can communicate directly.”

Another person may have called the press or released a YouTube video but Mr. Johnson was an enterprising entrepreneur and he saw no reason to give away trade secrets. So he asked Max if Max could train other cats and Max said he was fairly certain he could. Soon Max was supervising a dozen cats and Mr. Johnson was making a tidy profit.

Mr. Johnson may have been happy for a long time but he could not help bragging to his girlfriend about his staff that worked for food, treats and shelter. Unfortunately (for Mr. Johnson) his girlfriend, Patricia, was both an animal lover and a libertarian. To Patricia what Jim described was slavery. Patricia did call the media.

Soon Jim Johnson's home was overrun by media and then by protesters. A lawsuit was filed by a coalition of animal rights organizations. Jim Johnson lost everything including his home which became the property of the newly emancipated cats.

One of these cats, Harriet Tubman, (her human given name is not recorded and she will not divulge it) became a civil rights leader amongst cats. Working with various human organizations she was finally able to see legislation passed that guaranteed cats could be emancipated and would receive minimum wage. It is Harriet Tubbman who found Elizabeth on the streets and encouraged her to seek an education.

And now you know all there is to know. Except what has not yet happened and who can imagine what that will be?